RIZZOLI | NEW BEDFORD WHALING MUSEUM • "A Wild Note of Longing: Albert Pinkham Ryder and a Century of American Art offers us the exceedingly welcome chance to reflect on this austere, stirring, and wholeheartedly strange painter." —The New Criterion  |  "The exhibition catalogue . . . is a substantial publication. High-quality images alternate with essays by the three curators." —The Brooklyn Rail  |  "Born in 1847, Ryder was a virtuoso of turbulent moonlit skies, ships lost at sea, and nightmare images . . . 'One might call Ryder the Blake or the Melville or the Emily Dickinson of American painting,' Lewis Mumford mused, 'and thus define, after a fashion, one or another phase of his art; but the fact is that Ryder was Ryder. Like every great artist, he belonged to that rare class of which there is only one example.' " —Christopher Benfey, The New York Review of Books  |  9 x 11, 248 pages